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I have always been fascinated with how the brain works. It amazes me to watch how the brain observes, processes, forms connections, and develops ideas and/or solutions.  The reason I entered the field of teaching and instructional design was because I love to see the learning process in action and explore ways of making it better.

To build my own knowledge of learning, I study myself, other people, everything around me, even a Bee. One of my favorite people, who also has a name connection, is Albert Einstein.  When I am looking at a challenge I think about two of his quotes:

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.”

To me, it sounds like he is talking about the analyzing phase of the ADDIE instructional design model.